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Vernacular Architecture and Biobased Design

Lessons from the Past

3D viewing room
The Seaweed Pavilion
Kel Hudson

Throughout her studies and career, Kathryn Larsen has been exploring traditional architecture and its modern sustainable potential. Join her in a visual journey to Japan, The Netherlands, and Denmark, before exploring the designer's research and work with seaweed design.

After coming across the Seaweed Houses of Læsø in 2016, Kathryn Larsen has been tracing the history of eelgrass and its uses in construction. For her thesis at the Copenhagen School of Design and Technology, she reimagined seaweed thatching by creating prefabricated thatch panels.

This two-part digital talk will explore how historical applications from Japan, The Netherlands, and Denmark can be applied creatively, as well as the benefits of returning to biobased design. A seaweed thatch panel will be on display as a part of The Exploded View's Public Research Installation by Company New Heroes.

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Kathryn Larsen

Kathryn Larsen is a biobased designer, and current architecture masters student at TU Delft. Her work explores reimagining traditional architecture, sustainability, material exploration, and the connection between culture and design.