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Design for a Changing World

3D viewing room

DDW, Creative Holland & ENTRY invite you to 变 Design for a Changing World, the official China programme. We present an online livestream conference on this webpage on Saturday October 24 from 12:00 - 14:30 (CET).

The world in 2020 has taken a drastic turn, with the current pandemic and the urgent environmental threats, the dialogue with China is more pertinent than ever. BIAN 变, meaning change in Chinese refers to the Daoist "science of metamorphosis” which can lead to positive change and transformation. How can we accelerate design knowledge, exchange and learn from a crisis to come out more united, better and stronger?

Speakers (in chronological order):
Ma Yansong - Founder MAD Architects
Stephan Petermann – Founder MANN
Jovana Zhang – Co-founder PINWU

Herbert-Jan Hiep – Director IVEM

Xinlin Song – Researcher AMO, Partner Yunhe

Steven Smit – Director Asia MVRDV

Anouchka van Driel - Curator K11
Lyla Wu - CEO/ Founder Neuni Group

Pei-Ying Lin – Artist & Designer

Monique Knapen – China coordinator Creative Holland

Miranda Yan – Vice President 751 D-Park

Lei Shen– Professor Donghua University

Ronnie Kuppens – China Project Manager Brainport Development



ENTRY is a Dutch knowledge exchange platform for the creative industry with a focus on China. ENTRY connects industry professionals with the aim to exchange knowledge and experiences to develop, empower and sustain business relations and cooperations.