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(Archive) ZEITGEIST Polish design crafting a future

The exhibition features Polish designers working in synch with the Zeitgeist, crafting their products locally, drawing on tradition and crafts.

This project was part of DDW 2020
Zeitgeist — © Paulina Matusiak

By using local resources and traditional techniques we tap the wisdom of many generations. By renouncing mass production and returning to the workshop we eliminate overproduction. We get high-quality, durable products that stay with us for a lifetime. Many are unique, at the cusp of art and design.

Zeitgeist (German for spirit of the times) is the set of ideas and beliefs typical of a given time period. The need to solve problems through good design has always been with us. Even before people started calling their productions design. The global pand

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Tomasz Dróżdż, Jacquard fabric collection "DR 1_9” — © artist's archive

Monika Patuszyńska Genealogy series 2 — © Monika Patuszyńska

Olga Milczyńska, KUNSTKAMERA collection — © PION Studio

Pani Jurek, TRN Collection