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(Archive) Het circulaire station

Virtual exhibition “The Circular Station"

This project was part of DDW 2020
Het circulaire station

Fully circularly built stations in 2050: that is what ProRail, NS Stations and Bureau Spoorbouwmeester stand for together. Via the What-if-Lab: the Circular Station, we called on designers to draw up a plan. The result: promising circular designs from four Dutch studios.

With this What if Lab we have taken a new step in the search for innovative ideas, concepts and designs for circularity at small train stations. We explicitly asked the designers to look beyond the current regulations and solutions.
This What-if lab has

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Het natuurlijke Station (Welling Architects © WAX) — © Welling Architects © WAX

Het natuurlijke Station (Studio Tjeerd Veenhoven) — © Studio Tjeerd Veenhoven

Bioreceptive stations (Scape Agency) — © Bygg Architecture and Design

Expeditie circulair (Bygg Architecture and Design)