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A digital solution to support care around mental health problems among young adults.

Attention to mental health in education with Sprekkie

Sprekkie the application
Online Department

The number of young people suffering from depression, suicidal thoughts and other mental health problems is still increasing. Sprekkie breaks the taboo and enables the dialogue between young people that are suffering from these problems and their environment in a safe and accessible way.

During the concept development of Sprekkie, there was close cooperation with 113 Suicide Prevention, psychologists, and social workers. In addition, extensive research was carried out among deans and young adults with and without suicidal thoughts, to identify the needs for the development of the application.

Sprekkie shares knowledge about various mental problems in an accessible way. Sprekkie discusses mental problems in the classroom in an inclusive way. Without pointing out a 'culprit', Sprekkie supports vulnerable young people by providing the environment with tools to deal with situations where someone is having mental problems. With the transferred knowledge and skills, classmates will also be able to clearly recognize signals from someone who is struggling with mental problems and what to do when signals are picked up. Sharing knowledge in an accessible and safe way helps the environment of young adults with mental problems to get a better understanding of the situation. At the same time, the application contributes to lowering the taboo around mental problems.

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