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(Archive) Book Nr.0

Book Nr. 0 is a diary created from the patient's used clothing, especially those who suffered from an incurable disease.

This project was part of DDW 2020
Paper pulp from the patient's used clothing — © Photo from paper labor

The disease affects not only patients but also their families and friends. Especially when the patients, who have an incurable disease, chose euthanasia at last, they no longer feel anything after that, however, their loved ones have to come to terms with pain and grief.
What can we do for them?

This is a diary created from the patient's used clothing. Clothes are like our second skin. We have an intimacy with them that hardly extends to any other things. After drawing the paper, the fiber, color, and other properties of the clothing are retained

Process — © Photo from paper labor

The book — © Photo from paper labor

Photo from Jandro Martinez

Derrick's Euthanasia