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(Archive) Urban Foraging

A critical approach to the upcoming food crisis in todays cities

This project was part of DDW 2020
Urban Foraging — © SHARP AND SOUR

Economic inequality, the exponential growth of population, our disconnection from the source of our food and the rapid expansion of cities will only get worse. So what if these issues extended to a point where the only source of food available was the one that grows within the city limits?

For this speculative piece we asked ourselves how would it be like to source our own food from our urban surroundings, from the city we live in. In order to do so, we went all over Barcelona and picked whatever food we found there, to finally cook three d

First Course: Rat Stew with Acorns — © SHARP AND SOUR

Second Course: Roasted Pigeon with Mushrooms — © SHARP AND SOUR

Dessert: Carob Truffles with Jasmine Tea — © SHARP AND SOUR

Urban Foraging City Guides