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(Archive) jugaad.

Material exploration of waste, with an Indian perspective.

This project was part of DDW 2020
products made out of cigarette butts

Jugād /dʒuːˈɡɑːd/ in colloquial Hindi stands for the flexible approach to problem solving using the limited resources at hand innovatively. In this project, Sachi Tungare looks at waste with the perspective of jugaad, utilizing them as an alternate resource by extending their lifecycle.

Sachi examined two very commonly found wastes –used flowers, an organic material and cigarette butts, an inorganic material.

In the first part, Sachi looks at the discarded floral waste from daily prayer rituals and festivals. Flowers, in the Indian c

material exploration of cigarette butts

hotel amenities made of upcycled flowers

hotel amenities made of upcycled flowers

material exploration of used flowers