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Material innovation: leather composites made of leather left overs and organic waste

Lasting Leather LAB 2020

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samples Michelle Baggerman - Material Sense LAB
Mathijs Labadie

Lasting Leather LAB is initiated by Material Sense LAB. The design team seeks for ways to transform the waste flow of an enormous mountain industrial leather scraps into circular products. Last year they have presented their first materials research and their latest developments will be on show now

The expert meetings from DDW 2019 have brought new cooperation as result, like the development of an innovative leather composite 3LC. Waste flows from the leather industry were turned into new ingredients and is combined with bio plastic - grown from bacteria that feed itself with agro cultural waste. This resulted in the newly developed bio based composite that has a great potential for product design and is recycleble. The team is now working on developments for the interior industry and scalable applications.
Besides, we show an ‘Ode to the bovine skin’ : the industrial cut off waste and its specific forms is turned into a renewed polychromatic skin, waiting for application in the interior domain.

The team of designers exists of Michelle Baggerman, Simone Post, Natascha van der Velden and Simone de Waart - who initiated the LAB and works with experts in the field of leather processing, material- and polymer technology from TU Delft and company Paques. We build new production- and development chains and investigate in new application possibilities for different waste streams. We aim to accelerate the process for circular products and a sustainable future manufacturing.

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Material Sense LAB

Material Sense LAB is the place original thinkers can try out their ideas in conjunction with leading commercial companies and top researchers. It is where materials can come together to produce viable sustainable products that contributes to our circular economy. Material Sense LAB wants to emphasize that experimentation works. Successful projects Material Sense LAB has been working on present concrete results of material design, research and co-operation.