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In Isolation: The first wave

A visual Journal during the global Covid-19 pandemic

Day 3. Social Solitude — © Oswin Tickler

A daily typo/graphic journal that explored thoughts and feelings surrounding the pandemic (from a London/UK viewpoint). Created from analogue materials.

‘In Isolation’ is Oswin Tickler’s typo/graphic journal exploring shifting thoughts, feelings and responses to covid-19, and socially distancing from personal, political and social perspectives.

To create the artwork Oswin used offcuts of paper samples

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About Oswin Tickler

I am an art director, designer and educator specialising in experimental publishing and editorial design. Clients are primarily arts and educational institutions with a community focus.

Always keen to hear from potential clients, particularly if it challenges me, and the work we do together is of social benefit.

My work is often typified by a directness of approach and simplicity of form, getting to the heart of what clients need to communicate.

Day 32. Reduced to a subdivision of the screen

Day 53. Stand here please

Day 77. We are listening to the economics

Day 98. The ground shifts