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too intimate to talk about


3D viewing room
Anne Ligtenberg

In the exhibition #YOUTOO? social designers Anne Ligtenberg and Mats Horbach are investigating how we can talk with each other about sexual violence. Despite the thresholds of this intimate subject, how can we reach out to all silent victims who are not yet getting the help they deserve?

We seem to find some topics too intimate to discuss. We want to, but we simply don't seem to have learned how. We don't ask each other about our physical relationships. This puts all responsibility on the person who has experienced a difficult situation in the sexual field to bring up sexual abuse against all rules.

While 33% of women and 8% of men in the Netherlands have experienced physical sexual violence, we seem to be avoiding the discussion about this collectively. Social designers Anne Ligtenberg and Mats Horbach believe this is not on purpose, but it seems too intimate to talk about.

Together with Blauwe Maan (an organization that offers help to victims of sexual abuse) Anne and Mats are working on a platform where victims can give tips to carers and social workers so that they are better prepared and know how to respond and communicate with new victims come forward.

So if you have experience and want to share your thoughts on this, please call our tipline 085-3031074.
Thank you!


Studio Anne Ligtenebrg

The work of social designers Anne Ligtenberg and Mats Horbach is characterized by a strong social character and is often located in the social domain. They increase the self-reliance of people by building better communication with their design and thereby developing more understanding. Anne and Mats' work gives people the tools to express themselves in a way they couldn't before because there were no words for it. If we understand each other better, we can help each other better.