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Leeuwarden blankets of Leeuwarden wool


3D viewing room
Pleed, Leeuwarden blankets of Leeuwarden wool

Every year the fleece of the Leeuwarden herd is sent to China as a waste product. (As is most of the fleece of the 1 million sheep in the Netherlands.) To show there is another way, Pleed transformed the fleece shorn from all 200 sheep into blankets.

A total of 88 pleeds (blankets) were made of local wool, and have been on display in a pop-up exhibition in Leeuwarden (25 June until 1 September 2020). 150 volunteers took part in the project: felters, spinners, knitters, and weavers.
Our pop-up expo was well visited and well received, creating an awareness of how wool is currently not being used as a resource. 14 primary schools have already signed up for the ‘weaving with wool’ module Pleed has designed.

Pleed aims to:
- Provoke discussion about the squandering of local natural resources like wool.
- Create awareness about the production chain of textiles and a rethink of our values.
- Create awareness of making things ourselves and how essential that proves to wellbeing.
- Inspire young designers and makers to use what is locally available to

Wool should be considered a resource rather than a waste product.

Our Pleed wool rescue handbook can be ordered at

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Gieneke Arnolli, textile researcher
Johanna van Benthem, artist
Dorine van den Beukel, designer
Wini van der Zwaag, textile designer