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Auping slows down, Schepers Bosman uncovers the beauty of manufacturing close to home.

Schepers Bosman X Auping: Consumption Quarantine

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Schepers Bosman X Auping: Consumption Quarantine
Team Schepers Bosman

A capsule collection made of left-over fabrics from the Auping factory in Deventer. Three different sets of ‘experimental patchwork bedding’ consisting of bed spreads, which can also be used as wall rug or wall piece, with accompanying wearable pieces.

In this collection fashion designers Schepers Bosman and sleep expert Auping join forces to share their knowhow of fabrics and love for craftmanship and design. Schepers Bosman makes the translation of how to visualize the re-use of leavings, by looking differently at Auping materials and products. Together they investigate a form of ‘consumption quarantine’ by seeing value in a simple object like a duvet cover, placing it in a different context and processing it in a different way. The goal is to create openness and awareness for local production and sustainable Dutch design.
The colors, shapes and textures of the left-over fabrics make the graphical design of the bed spreads:
Royal, Colorblock and Landscape.
Visible seams and stitches emphasize the construction and tactility of the manufacturing. This handwork and craftmanship is characteristic for both Schepers Bosman and Auping. At the heart of this collaboration are the design values we both share: Dutch production, locally sourced materials, contemporary but timeless sustainable designs.


Schepers Bosman

Sanne Schepers and Anne Bosman graduated in 2011 from the BA ArtEZ Arnhem (both with honours) and continued their studies at IFM Paris and MA Central Saint Martins London.
The heart of their work is the small-scale production facility called ‘Schepers Bosman Factory‘, where they design, develop and produce for themselves and for others.
Schepers Bosman is their personal act of resistance, to the fashion system, to the system of production and retail. Made in The Netherlands.