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One Curve Chair

General Image
Oskar Vanhulst

The narrative was born from the question to create an object that has one extremely simple and clear idea. We inspired ourselves by looking at one of the fundamentals of sketching. Something so simple -understood by anyone- yet so strong, The curve.

Our narrative starts from physicalizing this curve. By bending 3 abstract labile planes along this trajectory and intersecting them, a structural entity is emerging. The two dimensional line becomes a spatial object, which on its turn creates complex three dimensional curves. Nevertheless the physical presence of one line highlights the simplicity of the narrative.

As we are naturally drawn to light, 3mm thin tempered steel plates let the observer discover the ever-changing soft materiality of light framed by the sharp edges. We used a flamethrower to temper the steel in order to explores the true materiality of the object. An orange-blue pattern emerges, accentuating the intersecting curves. The object becomes the center of a three dimensional experience characterized by the ambiguity of it not being strictly design, art or architecture. It results in a piece striking in geometric simplicity.

Objects With Narratives

OWN believes in shifting the incentive of design from esthetics and function to objects powered by narratives. It becomes more about owning a narrative rather than the physical object. Our goal is not just to be another label, but rather a creative space where designers can be storytellers. OWN is curated by brothers Nik Vandewyngaerde (Herzog& deMeuron) and Robbe Vandewyngaerde (OMA) based in Basel, Brussels & Mendrisio. They both have a degree in civil engineering & architecture.