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Up Close and Personal

At Design United we are counting our blessings. COVID-19 has put constraints on each and every one of us, but we have used this crisis as an opportunity for experimentation, reflection and debate.

At a time of social distancing, we are thrilled to get up close. To be able to zoom in on 33 specially selected design research projects. And excited to get personal with a new generation of designers. What are their ideas and visions about our future? Which ethical dilemmas do they face? How might they solve them?

Over the course of five days (19 – 23 October), we centre these discussions on five contemporary topics in design. Topics that have emerged as responses to scientific and technological progress, as well as new societal concerns and ethical viewpoints.

Whet your appetite by browsing our magazine. Organised by themes, a curated mix of project descriptions, expert columns, photos and films, offer a depth of information, which is not always easy to grasp in a busy exhibition hall. Next, carve out an hour in your schedule so that you can tune into the livestreamed daily talk shows (starting at 13:00). Watch the product demonstrations, listen to the discussions and have your say via the daily polls. Time to get inspired!

So, go on, delve right into design!
No distancing needed

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