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The best Dutch graduation projects - architecture - urban design - interior architecture - landscape architecture

Archiprix 2020

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In each edition of Archiprix we present the most talented graduates from the Dutch institutions offering Master’s programmes in architecture, urban design, landscape architecture. These are the designers that are to literally give shape to the future of the Netherlands and far beyond!

Agent of change
Besides presenting these bright young talents and their inspirational projects, we see an important task set aside for Archiprix as an ‘agent of change’. Change is the most significant constant in the field of spatial design. This will certainly apply to an extreme degree in the years to come, given the drastic modifications necessary in the spatial arena. The social housing brief, the energy transition, our physical infrastructure, climate change, the threat posed by infectious viruses – all these and more demand the commitment of expert designers. In the major changes now under way, we at Archiprix regard it as the most relevant task to hitch young talented designers to a particular area of expertise. Archiprix entrants can do much to stimulate the development of new strategies for a catalogue of new themes that figure prominently in the spatial design profession, themes they themselves have already addressed during their final year. Each participant, after all, is an expert in the field of their graduation brief. The projects we present in this edition are a pointed illustration of how this role of agent of change can take shape.



Each year the master courses architecture, urban design and landscape architecture in the Netherlands select the best graduation plans for submission to Archiprix. As an experiment, this edition also includes projects from the master’s in interior architecture. The thirty plans submitted to Archiprix 2020 present a picture of the state of play in Dutch design education. Such diversity is typical of Archiprix. Up and coming talent is often presented for the first time by Archiprix.