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The latest fashion innovations in a work environment.

The Fashion Tech Farm

3D viewing room
Work from LABELEDBY.
Photo: Yma Garay

Are you looking for innovation in textile and fashion? The Fashion Tech Farm is thé place to be! During DDW2020 we will open the digital doors of the Fashion Tech Farm where we will show all kinds of new projects from students, young designers and professionals.

The Fashion Tech Farm is a workplace for different fashion-tech designers. It is a place to share ambition and passion, to collaborate but also to work on your own projects. We have all kinds of machinery like 3Dprinters, a huge lasercutter and sublimation printer. The place stimulates local and on demand production.
We welcome everybody who is interested in fashion-tech and who wants to see how local production works.Therefore our whole building is in use; the first floor shows a mixed exhibition of the newest creations and work from young designers and professionals. Upstairs you can visit the workplace where people can come and watch designers work. You will find a mix of innovation in face masks, digital produced fashion, technology fused with garments and lots of textile samples. Next to the daily exhibition, the Fashion Tech Farm will also provide a full program with different workshops and lectures.

Designers who show their work:
- Lithe Lab
- Laurentius Lab,
- Bilihome
- Beam Contrechoc
- Mbrace
- StudioBonvie
- Hugo Out
- Jasna Rok

As featured in

The Fashion Tech Farm

Some farmers of the Fashion Tech Farm organise this week. Marina Toeters is well known in the Fashion-tech scene. She started in 2007 and ever since she has been very successful with
Daisy van Loenhout does a lot of precision work for big designers. Next to that she provides international workshops.
LABELEDBY. organised and curated a fashion tech show in 2019 in Dhaka, Bangladesh. LABELEDBY. is focussed on 3D printing directly into textile.