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Therapeutic tools to empower cancer patients

Agora - Mental Wellness For Cancer

Cancer patients face substantial challenges — including depression, anxiety and insomnia — that can affect their mental health and commitment to treatment. To address this need, we designed a digital product that allows oncologists to prescribe mental health care in a way that engages more patients.

Agora is built on the basis of 3 key insights :
1. Patients have difficulty communicating physical discomfort.
2. This discomfort is a source of anxiety.
3. Patients find it hard to connect with others about their feelings.

Using behavioral design and digital technology, we translated these insights directly into our key features which are as follows :
1. Tools to communicate physical and emotional discomfort
2. Tips to alleviate discomfort and revive a sense of agency
3. Connections with people with similar experiences across the world

We know that cancer can make us feel helpless and anxious. While we cannot take away the uncertainty that comes with it, we hope that Agora helps us regain a sense of agency and positivity through this journey.

Krish Raheja, Mei Xia, Jingyi Wang

Industry partners engaged ArtCenter to develop a Sponsored Project—one of the College's signature academic programs designed to bring industry partners into the classroom
to engage students in design thinking around current and future initiatives and ideas. Jingyi, Mei and I collaborated during this course as students.

I am graduating this December and seeking job opportunities in wellness and healthcare while Jingyi and Mei are scheduled to graduate next year.