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(Archive) MINI MEET

a social study of social distancing

This project was part of DDW 2020
Bib table cloth for two — © Sisanda Nxumalo

MINI MEET is an exhibition that prompts creative thinking and solutions to solve the problem of keeping physical distance without losing the social aspect of meeting up. Experience the strategies designed by Studio H and Hendrik Works for an altered, post-coronavirus social landscape.

Faced with the problem of real-life social engagements during the Covid19 pandemic our collective designed oversized 1,5m cutlery sets and interactive tools to help people connect socially while keeping, and experiencing, the recommended physical distance

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Concertina glasses — © Sisanda Nxumalo

Pop-up experience — © Sisanda Nxumalo

Pop-up experience — © Daniela Zondagh

Cutlery sets