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Happy Hall for foster care, edition ‘De kat is kwijt’. To increase the level of success in terms of placement in a foster family and family home.

Happy Hall voor pleegzorg - De kat is kwijt

Happy Hall, De kat is kwijt, prototype 2020
Willemieke van den Brink-Gouwentak, social design

Happy Hall, edition ‘De kat is kwijt’, an educational game in which the whole family approaches their emotions, recognizes those emotions, and learns to manage them. Elusive subjects such as emotions and attachment are opened up for discussion through play.

Some children in the Netherlands aren’t able to grow up in the residency of their biological parents. In such cases there is a possibility for the child to be introduced into a foster family. When the placement of a child into the foster family is aborted prematurely (a breakdown), the child will have to deal with additional trauma.
Echter ontwerp, Garage2020 and Muzus have collaborated within the project Happy Hall through design research. The purpose of the project is to increase the level of success in terms of placement in a foster family.
Happy Hall presents the edition: ‘De kat is kwijt’. An educational game in which the whole family goes on an interactive journey to recognize and manage their emotions. There are various designed challenges, in which the physical surrounding plays an active part. A unique feature of the game is the focus on the entire family, through which family members can learn from and with each other. ‘De kat is kwijt’ pushes to think, to take action and to create positive connections with other family members. It also promotes the attachment of a foster child with its new family, which reduces the chance of a breakdown.


echter ontwerp, social design, Willemieke

Echter ontwerp uses creative interventions and graphic design to create space for renewal in tough social and societal issues. With care for all participants, she designs new perspectives that encourage to take action. She builds bridges between parties who don’t understand each other and develops a new shared language. Difficult processes are made visible, tangible and discussable. With her designs, she creates a safe environment in which people dare to be vulnerable.