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2000 m2 recent, urgent design by both starting and established design talents, labels and producers

Kazerne - Home of Design

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Excess of Matter by Angeline Behr.

Kazerne will be packed with leading design once again: New Melancholy –Van Abbemuseum x Lidewij Edelkoort x Kazerne, Comma –studio INAMATT x Lidewij Edelkoort, Kazerne Design Award –Nominees, Recalculating Route –Floris Schoonderbeek, Kazerne Participants like Angeline Behr and NotOnlyWhite.

Melancholy, intimacy, tactility and sustainability. Those are the Kazerne x DDW2020 theme’s. Once again, the heritage will be packed with recent, urgent design by starting and established design talents, labels and producers.

Kazerne Participants
Angeline Behr, Daan Brouwer, Sander Hagelaar, Lucas&Lucas, Elsa Molinard, Montis, NotOnlyWhite, VollaersZwart

New Melancholy – Van Abbemuseum x Lidewij Edelkoort x Kazerne

Comma – studio INAMATT x Lidewij Edelkoort

Kazerne Design Award – Nominees Yarden Colsey, Pauline Esparon, Shaakira Jassat, Fides Lapidaire, Romain Laval, Clara le Meur, Leo Orta, Mies Raadgever, Frederico Rosa and Lucas Zito, and winner Shaakira Jassat

Recalculating Route – Floris Schoonderbeek

Kazerne - Home of Design

Kazerne offers leading designers – and their perspective on current themes – an engaged launching pad: a hospitable podium that tries to grasp the Zeitgeist through exhibitions, connecting and in- depth activities. As an internationally oriented meeting place, where design professionals, their stake holders and the public eat, drink and sleep, we connect the creative field with new opportunities. Even 24/7, if desired. All year long.