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After a great collaboration with the ODDNESS label, CHUNK is now back in production with WARD WIJNANT.


3D viewing room
Pim Top

CHUNK is an iconic candleholder shaped under high pressure.
Hand folding the tinfoil gives every piece its own unique weight and structure. The texture gets its luster by this technique and gives it an extravagant look.

WARD WIJNANT: “CHUNK is created out of pressed tinfoil. This technique allows me, as it were, to mold the material. As a result, interminable possibilities and shapes can arise, which is inspiring to me. In my designs both technique as material lead to the final form.”

WARD’s work is characterized by experimenting with materials. It is his mission to interpret the diversity of techniques and materials and translate them in contemporary designs that pay attention to detail and finish. The element of surprise is essential in his work.

Ward Wijnant

Ward Wijnant (1987, Tilburg) developed during his studies at the Wood and Furniture College various furniture making techniques and a broad material knowledge. However, the manufacture of a furniture piece was not enough for him; Ward missed depth, creativity and the story behind an object. At the Design Academy Eindhoven he learned conceptual thinking and working. He graduated as an independent designer and started his own company in 2015.