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Chronic Health - Happily ever after?

Embassy of Health

3D viewing room
Smart Distancing System
Jólan van der Wiel & Nick Verstand

Recent months have forced us to think about our health more than ever. There is a growing awareness that health is not a ready-made product provided by our healthcare system, but is all about how we organize our lives. But what do we actually consider important to our quality of life?

Life has been turned upside-down. Everyday activities have been put on hold. Distance is the new buzzword, which only makes us realize just how important closeness and intimacy really are. At a time when we have to contend with restrictions and are very aware of our own vulnerability, we derive satisfaction from helping people around us. Grocery shopping for your neighbour, singing outside of a nursing home — somehow we feel more connected to one another than ever before.

All this makes us reflect on what truly matters. Is it survival, at the expense of everything else we consider so important? Besides all the protocols, is there enough space for what visibly does us good? And what about the bigger picture: the functioning of society, the viability of the planet? This online exhibition shows the power of design research in finding answers to these questions. It presents projects by designers and care professionals who together, with a forward-looking approach, are working to create a healthy society. The Embassy of Health invites you to explore the values and possibilities of caring for ourselves and one another.


The Embassy of Health

Chronic Health - Happily ever after?