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(Archive) After Plasticity

Interior–Exterior plexiglas furniture objects close to functionality, evoking apophenic visuals.

This project was part of DDW 2020
XO _Sideable — © Aleksandr Delev

The X0_Sidetable is a plexiglas prototype materialising on a figurative level the deficit of aimed biomorph ornaments created by computerized tools.

The X0_Sidetable is an object and furniture prototype created by Aleksandr Delev. These objects are for interior and exterior use.
How come these objects look the way they do? Their shapes are informed by pixels and vectors based on digitalized images o

X0_Sidetable — © Aleksandr Delev

XO_Sidetable — © Aleksandr Delev

XO_Sidetable — © Aleksandr Delev