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A smart, energy self-sufficient urban bicycle helmet


Hadrien Fouin / Jan Wertel / Gernot Oberfell

This bicycle helmet Design concept originates from an EU funded collaboration between designers and material scientists, material suppliers, end-users and manufacturers.
It explores how novel materials can help to improve safety and the user experience while commuting or cycling for leisure.

One of the goals was to stimulate interdisciplinary design and material research, process optimization and to develop less toxic and more eco-friendly alternatives in the field of printed electronics.
The unique helmet shape derives from wrapping flat printed organic photovoltaics around the helmet form in order to use the whole surface for recharging the printed organic batteries to power all electronic components.
The helmet features:
- Front and rear lights with voice triggered turn indication signals
- Rear proximity sensors that warn cyclist about fast approaching vehicles from behind via vibrating haptics
- Bone conduction speakers that let you listen to your audio whilst still hearing ambient noise
- Self adjusting fitting system that automatically fastens the straps via an electric drive

For further information on the entire PRESTIGE project please visit:



WertelOberfell, a Berlin- Munich based design studio, was founded in 2007 by Gernot Oberfell and Jan Wertel. Both studied Industrial Design in Stuttgart at the State Academy of Arts, a school which is based on the principles of the Ulmer Schule and the Bauhaus.

Their work ranges from furniture, lighting and industrial products to experimental research pieces for companies such as Braun, Gillette, OralB, Neff, Philips, Panasonic, Sony, Bulthaup, MGX by Materialise, Stratasys and others.