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United Matters

Oriol Arnedo Casas, Mael Henaff

United Matters are showcasing their response to the world of today and tomorrow. Working in the intersections of craft, science, and technology, the designers use diverse approaches to examine how we may live in the future and how we can confront systems of the uncertain present.

United Matters is a London based collective composed of Central Saint Martins graduates from MA Material Futures 2020. Working at the intersection of craft, science and technology, our aim is to use design as a critical tool to combat, reflect upon and unravel the complexity of the 21st Century. Developing alternative narratives which expand upon the ramifications these issues may have on wider society. Our approach is diverse, ranging from material innovation, speculative design to absurdist journeys, but our goal is the same: to engage with design’s potential to provoke real-world change.

The work presented this year not only represents a range of our specific interests – from bio-engineering to traditional puppetry – but also reflects on the global pandemic, with all the projects made during the UK Lockdown. Taking an ‘ad-hoc’ design approach, we converted our bedrooms, gardens and kitchens into make-shift workshops and studios, adapting our homes and the tools to hand to create work which sits uniquely within this time and reflects the wider circumstances we have found ourselves in.


Material Futures

MA Material Futures is where science, technology and design collide. We invite practitioners from all creative industries to develop alternative narratives to what will become the defining issues of our times. United in the belief that our planet is at breaking point and our current methods and systems are ineffective and outdated, we encourage our students to look beyond existing disciplines to anticipate our future needs, desires and challenges for the 21st century.