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how can we feed people in 2050?

The Future Protein Plan

3D viewing room

THE FUTURE PROTEIN PLAN is a design strategy based platform to stimulate people's imagination to create their own protein resources. It aims to explore how design can be used in combination with cellular agriculture to achieve a sustainable eating future.

Today, 89 percent of the world's population eats meat on a daily basis. As the population explodes and the demand for meat consumption rockets, people are encouraged to adopt the protein transition to decrease the pressure of livestock farming on the environment.

How can we get consumers actively involved in protein transition? How can we use the features of cellular agriculture to show people the alternative?

By analyzing the psychology of the consumers and incorporating the characteristics of cellular agriculture, The Future Protein Plan, a design strategy based platform was created. The platform aims to stimulate people's imagination to create their protein forms. This also aims to build the competence of cellular food in a positive and transparent way.

The platform will guide consumers to choose protein cells, to tailor the taste by changing the shape of proteins. I also created several protein forms and developed recipes with chefs based on this site. All the website do is to motivate people to take action through their food choices to adopt an alternative eating future.

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I'm Xiaofei Yang (Young), an interdisciplinary designer and food innovator. I currently got both MA and MSc degree in Innovation Design Engineering at the Royal College of Art and the Imperial College London.

I have focused on food innovation during my two years in IDE. I use food as a design topic with a diverse perspective, combining design strategies and emerging technologies to create work with social impact.