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From renewable agricultural waste to compostable, harmless sheet materials.


Compostboard Hemp
by; Pierre Castignola

Compostboard is Rik Makes first example that shows the beautiful possibility of living with nature. This product shows how nature can be embedded in our products and living or working environments.

Our furniture is circular. We use left-over streams of nearby agricultural landscape. Creating a opportunity to mass-consume furniture without harm.
All materials will in the end be returned to soil. Giving back the nutrients and fibres useful for nature or farmers.
Every agricultural landscape has the possibilities to create unique aesthetics. At Rik Makes research has been done about the possibilities and amounts available in the Netherlands.
Currently Compostboard became a necessity as our current system of global transportation of goods is very polluting. Next to the pollution consumers cannot connect to products, as they do not know where they are made, or originate from.
As the appearance of our products show local agricultural landscapes, it makes consumers aware of their direct environment and create the possibility to connect to seasons and their products.

Rik Makes

Rik Makes is a brand concentrated on compostable materials.
Beautiful natural surfaces and materials are researched, designed and produced.
The materials are nutritious for nature when discarded