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Saving our air from tyre wear

The Tyre Collective

The device captures tyre wear right at the wheel
The Tyre Collective

Tyres: The stealthy pollutant you never thought about. Tyre wear is a major source of microplastic and air pollution. It enters our waterways and the air we breathe. The Tyre Collective aims to mitigate tyre emissions by capturing them at the source, safeguarding our environment and health.

We all know tyres wear down but have you ever considered where it goes?

Today, half a million tons of tyre particles are produced annually in Europe. These particles become airborne, accounting for up to 50% of vehicle particulate emissions, and are the second-largest microplastic pollutant in our environment. Future vehicle pollution will not come from the tailpipe, but tyres, and we must act now!

The Tyre Collective aims to mitigate tyre emissions by capturing it at the source, to ensure clean air, safeguarding our environment and health. We discovered these particles are charged from friction with the road. Our patent-pending technology uses electrostatics and airflow to capture tyre wear right at the wheel. We currently capture 60% of all airborne particles. Captured particulates can be reused in new tyre production, creating a closed-loop system. Alongside our device, we have designed a two-fold strategy of Awareness and Action, working with local governments to raise awareness and pilot testing our device with public transport companies. In our fight against pollution, tyres have largely been ignored. Now, together, we can save our air from tyre wear!

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The Tyre Collective

The Tyre Collective is a startup with a mission to mitigate tyre wear emissions in our environment, a stealthy air and microplastic pollution. The Co-founders, Hanson Cheng, Hugo Richardson, Siobhan Anderson and Deepak Mallya began the project as part of their MA/MSc in Innovation Design Engineering at Imperial College and the Royal College of Art. With the goal to make our cities healthier, they aim to bring people across disciplines and industries together to tackle this complex problem.