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(Archive) The Tyre Collective

Saving our air from tyre wear

This project was part of DDW 2020
The device captures tyre wear right at the wheel — © The Tyre Collective

Tyres: The stealthy pollutant you never thought about. Tyre wear is a major source of microplastic and air pollution. It enters our waterways and the air we breathe. The Tyre Collective aims to mitigate tyre emissions by capturing them at the source, safeguarding our environment and health.

We all know tyres wear down but have you ever considered where it goes?

Today, half a million tons of tyre particles are produced annually in Europe. These particles become airborne, accounting for up to 50% of vehicle particulate emissions, and are t

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Amount of tyre wear produced by various vehicles — © The Tyre Collective

Positioned near the wheel to maximise efficiency — © The Tyre Collective

Particulates are reused in different applications — © The Tyre Collective

A rig was built to test our prototypes