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cultural colours around the world


Cultural Colour Codes
Lina Schmidt | Melissa Lindemeyer

The identity of places depends strongly on their color, material appearance and spatiality. These factors create a unique and unmistakable character of a cultural space. Farbkultur shows insights of three colour researches of Peru, Rome & Cuba which were developed at the university HAWK Hildesheim.

Farbkultur observes, documents and analyzes applied color in a cultural context. Through analysis, individual connections, differences and characteristics are recorded. Farbkultur can react to new areas of application by transforming the results. Farbkultur offers a platform for the recognition and maintenance of color cultural characteristics. This methodology was used for the colour research of Peru, Rome and Cuba. The results are based on photography, real colour samples and interviews with the people living there.


Lina Schmidt | Melissa Lindemeyer

Farbkultur by Lina Schmidt and Melissa Lindemeyer was developed during their studies in the field of colour design at the University HAWK in Hildesheim, Germany and during the exchange semester at the PUCP in Lima, Peru. The goals are:
Cataloging the world's color applications
Raising awareness of the importance of color
Usage concepts for cultural color harmony