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Imagine future of jobs

Design learning experience about future of jobs for next generation

Imagine future of jobs with magic machine workshop

This project focuses on how to educate the next generation(kids) to face the unpredictable jobs situation in future by using imagination and speculative design practice.

In the past, job situations didn’t change much. Such as policemen, teachers exist in our whole life. But in the near future, The jobs will change faster. The report from World Economic Forum told us that By one popular estimate, 65 percent of children ent

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About Wongsathon Choonhavan

I have been working in multidisciplinary design such as product design, graphic design and communication planning for two years. Currently, I am running a small enterprise which is a creative and innovative solution to solve educational issues in Thailand. And I've recently graduated from Master in Design for Emergent futures (IAAC,ELISAVA) from Barcelona In 2020. My passion would be related to social design, learning experience design, experiment and speculative.

Imagine future of jobs with magic machine workshop

Imagine future of jobs collage toy

job from future Gachapon

job from future instagram