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(Archive) Planetary Personhood

A Universal Declaration of Martian Rights.

This project was part of DDW 2020
Personhood for the Entire Planet Mars — © Nonhuman Nonsense

Planetary Personhood is an interplanetary campaign pursuing radical space decolonization. The project proposes independent personhood for the entire planet Mars, and considers the possibility of solidarity with the entities already there - the stones!
Can we be kind to a planet, even without “life”?

As NASA, SpaceX, and others, now attempt to bring earthlings to Mars, Planetary Personhood is an opportunity to free ourselves from the conceptual baggage of earthly traditions and systems. Seeking to move away from the dualistic divide between living bei

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Mars is not Terra Nullius — © Nonhuman Nonsense

The Guardian Council of Planet Mars — © Nonhuman Nonsense

Passport of Allan Hills 84001 — © Nonhuman Nonsense

Allan in the Parliament of Things