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The Form/Rhythm In Between

A musical dialogue between light and shadows

Foreshore — © Szu-Yi Wang

The series was developed from the visual origin of the Han character Xian (閒)—moonlight shining through the crack of the door. Unfolding a dynamic atmosphere with the music, it turns the notion of 'in-between' to a mix of tactile senses of papers and immaterial effects of the streaming light.

Starting from the composition of the Han character Xian (閒)—with the symbols related to space and time respectively—Szu-Yi Wang explores the transient qualities of space through paper sculptures. Derived from the visual impression—the moonlight (月) shinin

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Sat 24 Oct 15:00 - 16:00
The Form/Rhythm In Between - project show & tell

About Szu-Yi Wang

Szu-Yi Wang (TW) develops her spatial, intercultural practices with narratives, drawings, crafts & films. She takes ‘the interior’ as a lens looking into intimate gestures at various scales while inquiring into the inclusive relationships among humans, urban landscapes & nature.

YenTing Lo (TW) is a jazz singer, composer based in NL while performing across countries. Her latest album ‘Epiphyllum’ delivers her imagination about nature & negative romanticism on modern life with her music & poems.