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Seeing Through the Trouble

What if for example you could be like a circle, water or even the globe? What would you do to prevent oil pollution?

Publication 'Seeing Through the Trouble'

Our publication 'Seeing Through the Trouble' is about a search for a new way of visualizing. Through the combination of image and text we show the oil pollution in our oceans in a new way.

We feel compelled to do something about the current image of oil pollution in our oceans. We are negatively informed and visually influenced, as a result of that we become passive. However, we need environmentalists to bring the problem to the peoples att

About Studio CXM

Studio CXM (Celina Elberse Tourné X Maureen Walschot) is a Graphic Design studio located in Antwerp, BE + Eindhoven, NL. 

Our collaboration started through a shared love for printed matter. Together we have a playful, inquiring attitude and find it important to look for other ways to visualize complex stories in today's society within printing techniques.