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The Essence of Time

(c) Brigit Strijbos

What happens if you strip a clock to its bare essence? That is what the designer of this clock did. Removing the clock face and hands only leaves two rings to show the time. What stays is a minimalistic design that can be read as any other analog clock and fits in all kinds of interiors.

Sixty-twelve clocks presents 'The Essence of Time'. A series of minimalistic clocks that fit in each interior. Hand made to order with a combination of artisan skills and modern technology like laser cutting and 3D printing. The minimalistic design leaves room to graphic artists and sculptors to co-design what can become an artist edition.

Sixty-twelve clocks

Sixty-twelve clocks is a trademark of ErwinDesign. Based in 'creative hotspot' Plan-B in Eindhoven, Erwin designs and builds his products. Erwin combines his education as electronics engineer and 25 years experience in machine design with an interest in graphic and product design to build his products.