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Inspired by and based on the work of Jasna Rok.

The mood adaptive dress, a Techno-Fashion practice

Expressive state, joyful and playful atmosphere
Alexander Santos Lima, @alexandersl

In the future of fashion, technology enables clothing to be dynamically expressive, so as to make people feel more comfortable when expressing themselves, offline, and helps with the human value in interacting.

In our society and in fashion, online expression is an easy way out and becomes the standard. Unfortunately, it doesn’t fulfil the basic human need for social interaction. In the future, integrated technology in garments assists individuals with expressing themselves dynamically, within a range that makes sure the individual can express himself the way he or she likes.

This project presents a technology integrated dress designed by Hugo Out and developed at the Emerging Materials Lab at the TU Delft and at Jasna Rok Lab. The dress can dynamically change its aesthetics according to the wearer’s mood, depending on her social atmosphere. The dress replaces the need for wearing different outfits matching the specific moods.

The dress can change its expression by switching between two different states, controlled by the wearer: subtle and expressive. The two states represent the emotions calm and confidence (subtle), and joy and playful (expressive). The emotions match different social settings with a modest or an expressive atmosphere.

People will feel more comfortable when expressing themselves. The clothing of the future will raise the value of human interaction, offline.

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Hugo Out

I'm a freshly graduated designer from the faculty of Industrial Design Engineering at the TU Delft, with a masters degree in Design for Interaction. I try to design with the magic of interaction in as many different disciplines as possible, but my ongoing passion for fashion, its industry and expression through style strives me towards designing and doing good for that industry.

With my own design agency A Project By Principle I try to realise my own ideas for a better industry.