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LINK Journal

LINK Journal is a trans-disciplinary journal exploring [in-between] spaces, modes of communication, and translations within creative practices.

LINK Journal aims to articulate, visualise and communicate the multiple layers of information that surrounds us, enabling a platform that is inclusive of different spectrum of thought. It opens up conversations with individuals and forward thinkers working towards change.

LINK Journal will explore through an experimental methodology the meaning of this age of entanglement, our online-led physical connectivity in society, and the existing languages to communicate and make information visible. It will make a projection of to

About LINK

LINK is a creative collaboration between designers Veronica Tran and Julia Bertolaso, who met during their post-graduate studies in ‘Design for Emergent Futures’ at IaaC. By merging Veronica's background in visual and interaction design and Julia's background in interior and spatial design, LINK formed a unique hybrid profile to explore the common themes between those disciplines and chosen topics. Those exchanges led them both to create and initiate this project to produce LINK Journal.