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Am I clean now?

Three handcrafted quilts on the topic of womxn and their unobtainable cleanliness.

Am I clean now was inspired by the scary history of feminine hygiene products and how that reflects the fact that society has always seen womxn as dirty. Are our bodies and minds ever clean enough for this world?

Athena is fascinated by how healthy body functions such as menstruation or normal vagina odor have historically been seen as repelling and as problems that need extreme solutions, such as feminine hygiene products containing bleach or cresol. One would ho

About Athena Gronti

Athena Gronti is an Athens-born / Rotterdam-based artist with a strong focus on female empowerment and women’s politics. Her style is poetic, intentionally leaving the viewer space for personal interpretation. She pushes boundaries and builds bridges between tradition and nowness, being especially fascinated by the emotional and cultural value of handicraft and textiles.
She graduated from the “Lifestyle Transformation Design” department of Willem de Kooning Academy in July 2018.