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Post Carbon Fashion = Post-Carbon-Emission Fashion = Climate Positive Fashion

Post Carbon Fashion

3D viewing room
Euglena Print Jacket with Photosynthetic Coating
Post Carbon Lab

Through applying Photosynthetic Coating to second-hand textiles and fashion items, we create beautifully coloured pieces that are climate positive. Treating one large T-shirt can generate as much oxygen as a young tree.

What if, by only wearing a T-shirt, we can neutralise our carbon footprint?

Post Carbon Lab proposes innovative biotechnology for textile applications — Photosynthetic Coating — which transforms textiles into carbon capture and oxygen generation surfaces.

We are appalled by the fast fashion industry: its social and environmental impacts are unethical and unsustainable. However, fashion is an enormous industry embedded with little sign of change. As climate change worsens annually, we want to propose a disruptive solution that goes beyond reducing negative impacts: a textile coating/dye that directly harnesses photosynthetic energy to sequester carbon and generate oxygen.

Our innovation combines benign microbes present in the soil, water and air around us with preloved fashion or textile products to create photosynthetic artefacts which exhibit vibrant colours and exquisite patterns in a climate positive way.

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Post Carbon Lab

Post Carbon Lab, founded by Dian-Jen Lin and Hannes Hulstaert, is a transdisciplinary design research studio focusing on regenerative sustainability and dignity.

To push the perception of sustainable fashion further, they offer service pilots of pioneering microbiological processes for textile applications to designers and brands — Microbial Pigmentation & Photosynthetic Coating — as proactive and regenerative pathways to climate positive fashion.