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This project was part of DDW 2020
[UN]SOCIAL DESIGN MUSEUM — © Onomatopee (graphic design: Studio Bramesfeld)

Onomatopee Projects presents the [UN]SOCIAL DESIGN MUSEUM: a phygital program consisting of real-life exhibitions, [online] symposiums, book launches, workshops and talks.

With the unsocial conditions in which this year’s Dutch Design Week takes shape, Onomatopee asks the question: how can we still create enough space to discuss, question, and reflect upon social [design] matters? The [UN]SOCIAL DESIGN MUSEUM offers an on-

In the name of <3 — © ekhô studio (Charlie-Camille Thomas)

The phantom of design - Post-Bed-Post — © Felicity Morris

Cross Cultural Chairs — © Lucas Maassen

Residency for the people - Rietveld by the people