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(Archive) Raw Color x Kvadrat Febrik

Project Planum

This project was part of DDW 2020
Planum Collection — © Kvadrat Febrik

The upholstery knit Planum has been designed by Raw Color for Kvadrat Febrik. The exhibition illustrates the textile's design process next to three projects developed by the studio. They showcase Planum's colour combinations potential in an interactive installation, a series of quilts and panels.

Planum is a knitted upholstery textile with a refined expression and a smooth, soft surface. It comes in colours crafted by Dutch Design Studio Raw Color. The studio explored diverse directions and shades before making a final selection of 20 tones from 3

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Chroma Columns — © Kvadrat Febrik

Quilt Detail — © Raw Color

Planum process — © Raw Color

Quilt process