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(Archive) Body Wonders

Exploring the potential of haptic feedback in smart clothing

This project was part of DDW 2020
Body Wonders - close-up — © Mila Chorbadzhieva

Body Wonders is a designed (touch) experience to let people feel the potential of haptic feedback in smart clothing.
What kind of messages, feelings, emotions can we evoke through touch? What is the potential of this unexplored sensorial dimension? What if we could feel information on our skin?

We are overwhelmed by information, our screen time in this pandemic time increased a lot as well as all the mediated communication with our colleagues, family and friends, due to social distancing. A communication that is mainly visual, a sense that nowad

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Body Wonders - full-body — © Mila Chorbadzhieva

Body Wonders - behind the garment — © Mila Chorbadzhieva

Operator and Receiver