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IRL and URL toolkit for struggling space-travelers.


- Waag Technology and Society Award 2020 -

Just This Space-ship

3D viewing room
A Galactic Tea-time Special!
Leyla-Nour Benouniche, Latisha Horstink, Ari Snow

What if all forms of (free) labor were recognised?

What if we were really decolonised?

What if steady effort took over urgency?

What if we could rest?

"What we need is a culture where the common experience of trauma leads to a normalization of healing."
-Adrienne Maree Brown

Inspired by the North African 'qaada' or hammams, Just This Spaceship is a platform and toolkit which mediates a space for this culture to grow within artistic and epistemic structures.

Quick tip before we ride together:
Space is big, very big, but a space-ship is limited, and ours is very cosy. We have a zero tolerance policy for infectious galactic diseases such as white supremacy, trans-phobia, ableism or islamophobia. Space is very big, don't end up out here all alone.

JTS by Leyla-Nour Benouniche

Working closely with members of the Just This Palace community, a local young artist initiative, Just This Space-ship was first launched on the 'The Day This Is Over FM' streaming program organized by Everyday is Friday and Royal Surf Club.
It is beyond that an ongoing archive and toolkit project started in 2018. Our community is still growing.