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An optimistic perspective on senior housing

La vita’lo è bella

3D viewing room

Life as a ‘vitalo’ is beautiful. Vitalo is an alternative title for active seniors (>65 years). People who are living life to the fullest and who benefit from innovative and personalized housing solutions.

Most senior citizens are happy with their current living situation; they want to stay independent as long as they can. They feel young and don’t think about other living options much, not just yet. They’re not looking forward to giving up on their independence or, after having lost their partner, ending up by themselves in a home that’s too big to manage on their own. At times like those, moving to a nursing home, where there’s not much room for initiative, freedom and fun, would seem their only option. The good news is that there are plenty of alternatives, at least if you sign up early.

In 'La vita’lo è bella' we take you along a journey of finding out how you as a senior citizen of the future could enjoy living.

With our 'guide of the future' Vito, we hope to solicit feedback on the housing options we present and wake up the market: why are there no retirement communities that provide a happy alternative to a nursing home? We hope to mobilise other organisations too. Finally, we’d like to hear input from other sectors and start a dialogue with potential partners.

Meet Vito and get inspired!


Start vitalo test! Please click on the link below and get inspired!