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(Archive) Serendipity Searcher

Visual atlas and a physical search engine that generates unexpected pathways between objects from cultural collections and archives

This project was part of DDW 2020
Serendipity Searcher showcased at BIO26 opening — © Janez Klenovšek

The project was first presented at BIO26 biennial as a response to one of its design challenges. Design team worked closely with the National and University Library of Slovenia to create a model that brings their collections to the public, highlighting rare archived findings in an engaging manner.

Such visual atlas and a physical search engine generates unexpected pathways to the valuable archives of the National and University Library of Slovenia. It brings together a spatial installation, machine learning and human agency to physically reveal, se

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Installation preview at BIO26 — © Design team

Magical moment of revealing — © Yuxi Liu

Prototyping with polarizing filters — © Janez Klenovšek

Demonstrating a prototype at BIO26 Designathon #2