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(Archive) Bio(-cyber)-physical Planetoid

Design-to-Robotic-Production and -Operation of bio-cyber-physical planetoids for interaction with spontaneous repopulation in residual spaces

This project was part of DDW 2020
Computational strategy — © Landscape Urbanism and Robotic Building lab @TUD

The project aims to stimulate both biodiversity and social accessibility of residual spaces through minimum interventions consisting of 0.5-1-meter diameter ‘planetoids’ that support the life that is already existing at respective locations as well as initiate new life.

By studying micro-climates typical of the leftover spaces, new habitats are developed for various animal and plant species. The interventions take shape in form of 0.5-1-meter diameter ‘planetoids’ placed on different locations where all living things are

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Robotic 3D printing — © Landscape Urbanism and Robotic Building lab @TUD