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Mask yourself to reveal your self


3D viewing room

#NewIntimacyHour – an emotional online event experience aimed at exploring people’s deepest fears, hopes, and desires at the exciting intersection between technology and storytelling.

Events take place 19–23 of October 2020, from 6 to 7 pm.

#NewIntimacyHour is an intimate and supportive forum, in which Admind facilitates the exploration of deeply personal perspectives and experiences in an attempt to bring us all closer and exercise our creative empathy.

Each evening focuses on a different emotion: Love, Fear, Anger, Mischief, and Hope. Our host, a welcoming healthcare professional, will guide open and honest sessions. Expect laughter, outrage, confessions, and most importantly, human connection.

So how does it work? During the video call event, participants overlay their faces with an augmented reality filter, designed by Admind to reflect their evening’s personality. They share their own story and discover just how liberating and life-affirming speaking from behind a mask can be. During each gathering, guests are invited to participate, offer others support, or to provide the greatest gift of all – a willingness to listen.

Join us:

Admind Branding & Communications

Admind Branding & Communications is a creative agency specializing in global branding. We help our clients not only by crafting their communications coherently worldwide but also by supporting their transformation within the new digital landscape. With our new studio in Amsterdam focusing on brand development and immersive experiences, we are poised to establish new partnerships, connections, and collaborations with the Dutch design community and its allies.