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Bio^mi + partners share knowledge of biomimicry and more for understanding that nature is a great source of inspiration for sustainable development

Bio^mi - ‘Share nature’s vibe’ - biomimicry

Bio^mi + partners. Project overview.
N.Jellouli-Guachati, L. Fraaije, W. Barthlott, STO

Bio^mi + partners aim to contribute to the idea of sustainability by inspiring, creating awareness, sharing and connecting knowledge through biomimicry and developments in biology, Bio Nano technology, Material- , Agro & Food- and Data Science, High Tech, Services and Processes and more.

Biomimicry (derived from the Greek terms bios (life) and mimesis (mimicry)) increases the knowledge and expertise of (future) designers in creating sustainable designs and systems.

Bio^mi is very aware of the problems posed by climate change, pollution and resource depletion worldwide. A big role is involved in the use of materials.
Bio^mi wants to introduce a new vision of sustainable development within the creative industries, business, science and education. And thereby contribute to the sustainability of society.

Bio^mi wants to take its own responsibility to achieve a sustainable (re) society by promoting sustainable design and acting on it.
Bio^mi asks a number of questions such as:
How do we design our (future) world and lives in a more sustainable way by (re)connecting with nature?
What design strategies and methods should we develop in order to make environmentally sound choices?
And how do we train our future designers?

The goal is to use the knowledge of nature in R&D processes and thereby accelerate the transition to a sustainable circular economy. Bio^mi maps the opportunities that nature offers us to come up with sustainably developed materials.



Bio^mi has been a collaboration of 'material fetishists' and architects Nadia Jellouli-Guachati (MSc. XS2N and Lydia Fraaije (MSc. FRAAi Architecten), forged out of love for materials and nature and born out of the open call of Culture Eindhoven 'Materials for the future'.

Born out of the open call of Culture Eindhoven 'Materials for the future', Bio^mi builds and expands on Biomimicry3D, a collaboration of biomimicry, bionano technology and data science specialists.