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Creating currents and bridges between Marseille and Rotterdam


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Institut français des Pays-Bas

The Blue Links creathon explores and rethinks the connections between Marseille and Rotterdam, two prime European ports, and their unique and complementary relationship with water.

During a 2×3 day hybrid work session, 16 students and young professionals from France and the Netherlands explored the creative currents and bridges between the Mediterranean and North Sea regions. Supervised by two experts, the creathonians worked in small groups on themes connected with the role of the port, water and the enhancement of the city-port link, in a context connected with the sustainable development goals (SDG’s). All the projects will be presented in the form of online booklets on this platform at the end of the créathon and the winning team, selected by a jury of experts from both territories, will be able to explain their vision and exchange with the public by livechat.


Institut Francais des Pays-Bas

The Institut français des Pays-Bas is in charge of developing and stimulating the cultural, academic and scientific cooperation between France and the Netherlands.

The IFPB initiated the cross-créathons, which aim at strengthening the cultural and scientific links between a Dutch and a French city on an institutional level. This edition connected the MUCEM and the Maritime Museum of Rotterdam, as well as Aix-Marseille university, Erasmus University Rotterdam and TU Delft.