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A grocery brand that helps you find carbon-efficient happiness.

Elastic Arctic

3D viewing room
Packaging with footprint index and a prompt

By 2030, we need to cut carbon emissions by 50per cent. Elastic Arctic helps more people adopt a life within a carbon cap to reach this radical goal. Through an informative and fun shopping experience, we challenge the current perception of demand and remove emotional barriers in a playful way.

2019 was the second warmest year on record and the end of the warmest decade ever recorded. Urgent solutions are needed to cut CO2 emission and more people need to live within a reduced and eco-compatible carbon budget.

We identify the sense of sacrifice and doubt of impact as main sources of emotional barriers in complying with sustainable lifestyles.

The magic may lie in the elasticity of perception. The same utility can be fulfilled with different forms of consumption with high or low carbon footprint. Meanwhile, the same consumption can be perceived differently, dissatisfied or abundant.

We translate carbon footprint into litres of melting ice to create a more intuitive and relatable understanding of consumption impact. The user becomes an ice protector by agreeing on a weekly carbon cap and keeps track of their saved ice on Elastic Arctic’s App.

With a clear footprint index and prompts on the packaging, users are encouraged to make a low carbon decision and perceive it from a new and fun angle.

With a frictionless and actionable guide, we help our customers to be their best in shaping the arctic and a sustainable future.

Design Sailing

Design Sailing is a creative agency dedicated to making eco-compatible lifestyles more joyful and accessible. Driven by endless curiosity and experimental spirits, we are constantly exploring how design can mediate communication and coexistence between human and nature.

We are open to conversations about climate actions and design activism.